E³ - Young ECR Programme: Basic Sessions - Organised by the EFRS

Developing our future radiography academics

18 min
Priorities in academic recruitment and development
1. To describe the ideal attributes of a new academic recruit.
2. To reflect on the translational experiences and skills that a clinical radiographer can bring to an academic role.
3. To consider the expectations relating to lifelong learning and professional development.
18 min
Preparing for an academic career
1. To consider opportunities to become involved in radiography education.
2. To understand the importance of being motivated to gain research experience.
3. To appreciate the necessary commitment to students.
18 min
Clinical academics
1. To understand different models of clinical academic roles.
2. To consider how clinical academic roles can enhance academic practice.
3. To explore the challenges and enablers of these dual roles.
18 min
Benefits of an academic career
1. To explore the diversity offered through an academic career.
2. To appreciate how an academic career can positively impact the profession.
3. To discuss the impact of being an academic on my professional journey.
18 min
Panel discussion: How can we overcome barriers to ensure skilled clinical radiographers can have academic career options?