Refresher Courses: Head and Neck

Differential diagnosis in head and neck imaging: how I do it

5 min
Chairperson's introduction
15 min
How I approach the thyroid nodule
1. To apply a grading system for classifying thyroid nodules.
2. To advise clinicians on when and how to investigate and follow-up thyroid nodules.
3. To recognise challenging cases and know how to manage them.
15 min
How I approach the opacified middle ear
1. To understand the clinical presentation of the most common inflammatory and non-inflammatory disorders of the middle ear.
2. To learn which imaging techniques help in the differentiation of middle ear opacification.
3. To describe the imaging features of the most common disorders causing middle ear opacification.
15 min
How I approach the opacified paranasal sinus
1. To identify dental infection as a common cause of ipsilateral sinusitis.
2. To recognise the specific features of non-invasive and invasive fungal sinusitis.
3. To identify the characteristics of malignant sinonasal disease.
10 min
Panel discussion: Common head and neck-related imaging findings: what do I put in the conclusion of my report?