ESOR Session

Education in research

5 min
5 min
ESOR in action 2022
1. To become familiar with ESOR.
2. To learn about ESOR activities in 2022.
3. To understand the new topics of the ESOR Educational Programme.
20 min
Getting involved in clinical trials: it is never too early
1. To understand the rationale for clinical trials.
2. To learn about the different types of clinical trials.
3. To appreciate the role of radiologists in clinical trials.
20 min
The importance of networking in research
1. To stress the importance of high-quality studies and having a good publication network to have a successful career.
2. To point out that science is collaborative and that few scientific advances are made in isolation.
3. To demonstrate that the exchange of thoughts with peers allows learning more about views on different subjects.
4. To understand that having friendly relationships with other researchers can open doors to successful job interviews or fruitful collaborations.
5. To inform about the COST project that the EU has had established for many years to develop networking and interdisciplinary research in Europe and beyond.
10 min
My experience: Bracco research fellowship
1. To appreciate the opportunity of a research fellowship.
2. To become familiar with research fellowship goals.
3. To gain insight into the fellowship course based on the scholar's experience.
30 min