Special Focus Session

SF 18 - Emerging MRI for the clinic

March 5, 10:30 - 11:30 CET

SF 18-1
2 min
Chairperson's introduction
SF 18-2
15 min
Novel MRI hardware and its clinical potential
1. To name and recognise the primary hardware parameters of MRI systems.
2. To identify the relationship between the imaging performance of MRI and the nominal system specifications.
3. To appreciate and judge the capability of MRI hardware advances in addressing current and future clinical challenges.
SF 18-3
15 min
The (r)evolution of undersampling techniques
1. To learn about the principle of understanding in image acquisition.
2. To describe the pros and cons of parallel imaging.
3. To relate the concept of compressed sensing to more rapid imaging.
SF 18-4
15 min
Pros and cons of MRI at high-field
1. To understand the effects of the magnetic field on MRI parameters.
2. To name the pulse sequences that have the greatest benefits at ultra-high field strengths.
3. To identify the main artefacts that occur at ultra-high field.
SF 18-5
13 min
Panel discussion: Promises and pitfalls of emerging MRI