Open Forum Session - Organised by EuroSafe Imaging

OF 13a - ESR iGuide: clinical decision support for imaging referrals

July 15, 10:30 - 11:30 CEST

OF 13a-1
10 min
Chairperson's introduction
Boris Brkljačić, Zagreb / Croatia
OF 13a-2
10 min
Medical imaging decision and support (MIDAS) study
Thomas J. Kroencke, Augsburg / Germany
1. To learn about the study design of the MIDAS study.
2. To appreciate the implementation process of the ESR iGuide.
3. To understand measuring the impact of the ESR iGuide.
OF 13a-3
10 min
ESR iGuide pilot project CH Vic
Marta Serrallonga-Mercader, Barcelona / Spain
1. To learn about the ESR iGuide implementation in CH Vic.
2. To appreciate the utilisation of the ESR iGuide by referring physicians.
3. To understand the importance of content localisation for best practices.
OF 13a-4
10 min
ESR iGuide implementation: National Guard Health Affairs
1. To learn about the ESR iGuide integration into a proprietary hospital information system.
2. To appreciate the role of CDS in radiology and hospital IT strategy.
OF 13a-5
20 min
Open forum discussion