Professional Challenges Session

PC 8 - EU-JUST-CT – European co-ordinated action on improving justification of computed tomography, an ESR lead project on behalf of the European Commission: project outcomes and implications

6 min
Chairperson's introduction
Boris Brkljačić, Zagreb / Croatia
16 min
Methodology for the EU-JUST-CT project
Alexandra Karoussou-Schreiner, Luxembourg / Luxembourg
1. To learn about the common methodology and tools for carrying out the coordinated national/regional audits of justification of CT examinations.
2. To appreciate the legal background of the project.
3. To understand the role of the stakeholders involved in the audits.
16 min
Practical issues in carrying out co-ordinated pilot audits of CT examinations
Jacob Sosna, Jerusalem / Israel
1. To learn about the practical issues related to pilot audits.
2. To learn about methodological dilemmas in the analysis process.
3. To describe solutions for the analysis of data from different countries.
16 min
Results of the audit of CT referrals in seven EU member states
Boris Brkljačić, Zagreb / Croatia
1. To learn about the results of the audit of CT referrals in seven studied regions and countries.
2. To appreciate differences in the practice of justification of CT examinations among countries.
3. To understand the consequences of inappropriate referrals on radiology practice and health care in general.
16 min
Guidance to assist radiology departments in improving justification
Steve Ebdon-Jackson, Reading / United Kingdom
1. To learn how the justification of medical exposures is addressed in European Directives and national legislation.
2. To appreciate the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the justification process and the challenges they face.
3. To understand how to improve the justification of individual CT examinations within imaging departments.
20 min
Panel discussion: Outcomes and implications of EU-JUST CT project – can the results influence the practice of the justification of CT examinations in Europe?