EIBIR Session

EIBIR 21 - EUCAIM at the forefront: innovating radiology with Europe's cancer image infrastructure for artificial intelligence (AI)

March 2, 16:00 - 17:30 CET

5 min
Chairperson's introduction
Regina G. H. Beets-Tan, Amsterdam / Netherlands
12 min
The EUCAIM project: why is it needed?
Luis Marti-Bonmati, Valencia / Spain
1. To learn the bases of this leading European hub for the cancer research community and AI innovation.
2. To appreciate the relevance of unifying fragmented and temporally limited datasets into an extensive Atlas of Cancer Images.
3. To understand how unlocking the potential of big data in oncology will improve the reproducibility and robustness of AI-based prediction models based on medical imaging.
10 min
The European Cancer Imaging Initiative
Saila Rinne, Luxembourg / Luxembourg
12 min
EUCAIM and the EU Cancer Imaging Initiative: a look at the future
Mario Aznar, Madrid / Spain
1. To understand the fit of EUCAIM in the current and future landscape of EU programmes, initiatives and legal frameworks focussed on widening the health data space.
2. To share a vision of how EUCAIM will operate in the future, a legal entity acting as the hub for oncology research communities fostering innovation in the EU.
12 min
The view on EUCAIM: the ESR perspective
Carlo Catalano, Rome / Italy
1. To understand the ESR perspective on EUCAIM.
2. To learn about the ESR's vision for large infrastructures.
3. To determine how will EUCAIM influence and impact radiology.
12 min
EUCAIM's Atlas of Cancer Images: present and future
Ignacio Blanquer, Valencia / Spain
1. To understand the concept of EUCAIM as a federation of providers and communities.
2. To learn the current developments of the EUCAIM's Atlas of Cancer Images, its architecture and functionality.
3. To be informed about future developments and workplan.
12 min
How to collaborate across Europe?
Katrine Riklund, Umeå / Sweden
1. To learn about possibilities to collaborate at distance.
2. To appreciate a common structure for collaboration.
3. To understand differences and similarities between countries.
15 min