Studio Session

ST 17 - EuroSafe Imaging: celebrating 10 years of success in radiation protection

March 2, 12:45 - 13:30 CET

In this session, joins us as our speakers discuss EuroSafe Imaging, the ESR’s flagship initiative on radiation protection.

As EuroSafe Imaging is celebrating its 10 year anniversary at ECR 2024, we will take a look back at some of its successes over the past decade as well as discussing current initiatives, such as its educational actvities that aim to support and strengthen medical radiation protection across Europe and beyond.

We will also highlight one of the most recent European projects related to radiation protection led by the ESR: the European co-ordinated action on improving justification of computed tomography (EU-JUST-CT) project.

45 min
Boris Brkljačić, Zagreb / Croatia
Reinhard W.R. Loose, Nürnberg / Germany
Graciano Paulo, Coimbra / Portugal
Deniz Akata, Ankara / Turkey

This Session can only be attended online!