Studio Session

ST 18 - Funding the Future: A Dialogue with EIBIR's Scientific Director on Navigating EU Research Opportunities




30:00Regina G. H. Beets-Tan, Amsterdam / NL

The European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research (EIBIR) is at the forefront of coordinating research projects to support the development of biomedical imaging technologies and the dissemination of knowledge. EIBIR actively supports research networking activities and common initiatives in the field of biomedical imaging research. With the EU-funded projects EIBIR leads and supports, the institute is working towards the goal of building stronger, more resilient health systems. In this interview, the EIBIR Scientific Director Prof. Regina Beets-Tan will share their insights on how the organisation navigates the European funding programmes, aligns its research efforts with its objectives and prioritises the projects it supports. Join us as we delve into the inner workings of EIBIR and discover how it is contributing to the European Health Union.

30 min
Regina G. H. Beets-Tan, Amsterdam / Netherlands

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