E³ - Advanced Course: Interactive Teaching Sessions for Young (and not so Young) Radiologists

E³ 1721 - Gynaecological cancer imaging


E³ 1721-1 - Cervical cancer

E³ 1721-1 - Cervical cancer

31:14Teresa Margarida Cunha

1. To describe the imaging findings of cervical cancer.
2. To learn about the new International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) classification and ist implications.
3. To define the role of radiologic examinations and review the ideal imaging protocols.
4. To recognise imaging pitfalls in cervical cancer.

E³ 1721-2 - Ovarian cancer: new challenges

E³ 1721-2 - Ovarian cancer: new challenges

28:56Riccardo Manfredi

1. To be familiar with the histological subtype of the epithelial ovarian cancer.
2. To become familiar with the revised FIGO staging system.
3. To learn about the role of imaging in recognising "difficult to resect" disease.