Open Forum Session - Organised by ESR Publications Committee

OF 19a - How to get my manuscript accepted: tips and tricks from the editors

March 5, 12:30 - 13:30 CET

OF 19a-1
5 min
Chairperson's introduction
OF 19a-2
5 min
How to "polish" a submission
1. To learn the importance of the cover letter.
2. To understand how the title and key points are instrumental in drawing the reader's attention.
3. To become familiar with the optimal construction of the introduction and the discussion.
4. To be able to differentiate what should be in the "Material and Method" or in the "Results" sections.
5. To learn how a bibliography should be built and checked.
OF 19a-3
5 min
How to reply to reviewers' criticism
1. To learn what to do when the reviewer is right.
2. To learn what to do when the reviewer is wrong.
3. To learn what to do when the two reviewers disagree.
4. To learn how to make the revised manuscript easier to read.
OF 19a-4
5 min
How to manage critical reviews
1. To understand how critical reviews should be conducted.
2. To learn how critical reviews are reviewed.
3. To be able to manage levels of evidence and recommendations.
OF 19a-5
40 min
Open forum discussion