Patients in Focus

IF 20 - How to prepare patients for their medical examination in order to optimise the workflow of the radiologist

July 16, 14:30 - 15:30 CEST

IF 20-3
15 min
Humanising radiology via social media campaigns
Pilar Manchón, Barcelona / Spain
1. To understand how to provide great patient information by using illustrations on social media.
2. To learn how to reach the goal to humanise radiology and how to educate patients and prepare them for their medical examination to optimise the workflow of the radiologist.
3. To provide concrete examples of how this action is appreciated by patients and the effect it has on the work and life of the radiologist.
IF 20-4
15 min
Benefitting from new imaging implementations
1. To learn how patients benefit from new imaging implementations and the main objectives of these innovations.
2. To appreciate that the patient is heard.
IF 20-5
15 min
All you need to know about your imaging test: how to make life easier for radiologists and patients
Caroline Justich, Vienna / Austria
1. To inform about the survey of value in relation to radiology with results showing that patients feel that the provision of information provided could be improved ? the better informed a patient is, the smoother the workflow for the radiologist and a better experience for the patient.
2. To learn why it is important to inform the patient what to expect and how this will optimise matters for the radiologist, regarding time management, on various levels.
3. To demonstrate how information regarding what to expect before, during, and after the examination can be provided in an easily understandable way to reach all patients and to minimise the language problem, enabling it to become an initiative to be used across national borders and help to create a standardised practice for the public.
IF 20-6
15 min
Panel discussion: How can alternative approaches be used to improve the patient experience before and during imaging examinations?