Open Forum Session - Organised by the ESR Ultrasound Subcommittee

OF 20b - How will ultrasound fit within a radiology department in 20 years?

July 16, 14:00 - 15:00 CEST

OF 20b-1
5 min
Chairpersons' introduction
Paul S. Sidhu, London / UK
Lorenzo E. Derchi, Genoa / Italy
Boris Brkljačić, Zagreb / Croatia
OF 20b-2
10 min
Thoughts from the German model: primary care-based ultrasound, hospital based US hubs run for radiologists and non-radiologists?
Thomas Fischer, Berlin / Germany
1. To learn about the organisation of ultrasound activities under a single roof with a more efficient use of human resources and equipment.
2. To expand the field of medical ultrasound applications resulting in a marked increase in the number of US examinations.
3. To improve the quality of further and advanced training in ultrasonography and transdisciplinary research through the provision of high-end equipment and a greater interest of all stakeholders.
OF 20b-3
10 min
Doctors using ultrasound only as an imaging technique: is this the route for radiologists?
Vladimir Mitkov, Moscow / Russia
1. To learn the advantages of creating a medical specialty of "ultrasound diagnostics doctor".
2. To learn the advantages of creating interdisciplinary departments of ultrasound diagnostics.
3. To consider the benefits of such a system when working in regions with extremely low population density.
OF 20b-4
10 min
UK model of sonographers-based studies with few examinations performed by the radiologist: how to teach and maintain interest for radiology and will other specialities take over?
Adrian K.P. Lim, London / UK
1. To understand the advantages and disadvantages of the UK model of a sonographer-led ultrasound service.
2. To be able to understand and discuss the declining interest in diagnostic ultrasound amongst radiologists and potential solutions to mitigate this as well as the reasons why it is important for radiologists to remain a major player.
3. To understand the future utility of ultrasound amongst all medical specialities and also within allied health professionals and the difficulties in regulation and ensuring standardised practice.
OF 20b-5
25 min
Open forum discussion