Joint Session of the ESR and EORTC

ESR/EORTC - Imaging and treatment of oligometastatic breast cancer

March 3, 10:30 - 11:30 CET

5 min
Chairperson's introduction
17 min
Clinical relevance of oligometastatic disease in breast cancer patients
1. To learn about the definition of oligometastatic disease.
2. To appreciate the therapeutic potentials of radiation oncology for oligometastatic disease.
3. To understand the clinical relevance of oligometastatic breast cancer.
17 min
Advanced imaging and future perspective in oligometastatic breast cancer
1. To learn about the current standards in breast cancer imaging.
2. To appreciate the differences in the diagnostic performance of the available imaging modalities for lesion detection in oligometastatic breast cancer.
3. To understand the future developments in diagnostic imaging for breast cancer detection.
17 min
Incorporating advanced imaging into clinical trials: EORCT IG recommendations
1. To become aware of the impact of imaging generation on patient stratification and response assessment.
2. To appreciate the role of imaging for end-points evaluation in clinical trials and research.
3. To understand how to design trials evaluating optimal imaging strategies in oligometastatic breast cancer.
4 min
Panel discussion: What is the future of imaging in oligometastatic breast cancer? Challenges and opportunities