Joint Session of the ESR and EIBALL Subcommittee

ESR/EIBALL - Imaging biomarkers: lessons learned by/from QIBA and EIBALL

July 16, 16:00 - 17:00 CEST

15 min
QIBA's metrology for technical evaluation of biomarkers
Gudrun Zahlmann, Oak Brook, IL / United States
1. To learn about the Quantitative Imaging Biomarker Alliance (QIBA).
2. To appreciate the relevance of technical validation of imaging biomarkers.
3. To understand problems related to the assessment of imaging biomarker performance.
15 min
QIBA/EIBALL's experience with biomarker profile development
Xavier Golay, London / UK
1. To learn about the different steps in profile development.
2. To appreciate the relevance of biomarker profiles.
3. To learn how you can contribute to biomarker development.
15 min
EIBALL's experience with clinical validation of imaging biomarkers
Pascal A.T. Baltzer, Vienna / Austria
1. To learn about the ESR biomarker inventory and the role of subspecialist societies in its establishment.
2. To appreciate the relevance of clinical validation.
3. To understand the different steps needed for validations and its hurdles.
15 min
Panel discussion: Are we on the right track with imaging biomarker validation?

CME Information

This session is accredited with 1 CME credit.