Refresher Courses: Genitourinary

Imaging of focal renal lesions

5 min
Chairperson's introduction
15 min
Multiparametric MRI to characterise solid renal lesions
1. To identify the MRI sequences for characterising solid renal masses.
2. To describe the MRI features of the most common solid renal masses.
3. To distinguish solid renal masses using multiparametric MRI.
15 min
Update on Bosniak classification to characterise cystic renal lesions
1. To provide a short historical overview of the Bosniak classification.
2. To provide an overview of the Bosniak Classification version 2019.
3. To provide an overview of the EFSUMB 2020 proposal for a contrast-enhanced ultrasound-adapted Bosniak cyst categorisation.
15 min
What is the value of contrast-enhanced US in the assessment of renal masses
1. To learn the technique and limitations of renal mass evaluation using contrast-enhanced US.
2. To understand the value of contrast-enhanced US to differentiate solid and cystic renal masses.
3. To learn about the potentials and limitations of contrast-enhanced US for the characterisation of solid renal masses (benign versus malignant lesions and subtypes of renal cell carcinoma).
10 min
Panel discussion: How to report pertinent findings in a structured way? CT vs MRI vs US?