Refresher Courses: Oncologic Imaging

RC 2516 - Imaging of immunotherapy

July 17, 13:00 - 14:00 CEST

RC 2516-1
5 min
Chairperson's introduction
Giulia Zamboni, Verona / Italy
RC 2516-2
15 min
Classic pearls and pitfalls in immunotherapy imaging
Clarisse Dromain, Lausanne / Switzerland
1. To describe the characteristics of response to immunotherapy.
2. To understand pseudoprogression and how to differentiate a pseudoprogression from a true progression.
3. To describe the major immune-related adverse events and their potential misinterpretation as new lesions.
RC 2516-3
15 min
The bright side: response evaluation in immunotherapy
Clemens C. Cyran, Munich / Germany
1. To learn about morphological criteria-based response assessment in immunotherapy (iRECIST and friends).
2. To appreciate the added value of metabolic and hybrid response assessment criteria (PERCIST, EORTC, and PERCRIT).
3. To become acquainted with novel molecular imaging techniques for monitoring the response to immunotherapy.
RC 2516-4
15 min
The dark side: recognising adverse effects
Mizuki Nishino, Boston, MA / United States
1. To recognise the spectrum of imaging findings of immune-related adverse events (irAEs) in major organs.
2. To understand the role of imaging in detection, diagnosis, and monitoring of irAEs.
3. To understand the importance of the multidisciplinary approach to irAEs.
RC 2516-5
10 min
Panel discussion: Not good enough? Limits of morphological imaging in immunotherapy

CME Information

This session is accredited with 1 CME credit.