E³ - Advanced Courses: Interactive Teaching Sessions for Young (and not so Young) Radiologists

E³ 1621 - Imaging of the retroperitoneum

March 4, 16:00 - 17:30 CET

E³ 1621-1
45 min
Retroperitoneal lesions
Subramaniyan Ramanathan, Doha / Qatar
1. To illustrate the spectrum of primary retroperitoneal tumours and non-neoplastic disease.
2. To explain the key points in the differential diagnosis.
3. To learn how to avoid interpretation pitfalls.
E³ 1621-2
45 min
Subperitoneal, perirectal and deep pelvic lesions
1. To illustrate the spectrum of benign and malignant perirectal and deep pelvic lesions.
2. To discuss the imaging features of these lesions.
3. To understand how to narrow the differential diagnosis.



Subramaniyan Ramanathan

Doha, Qatar