EIBIR Session

EIBIR 10 - Implementing lung cancer screening programmes in Europe (SOLACE Project)

February 29, 14:00 - 15:30 CET

5 min
Chairperson's introduction
Oyunbileg von Stackelberg, Heidelberg / Germany
10 min
Evidence and bottlenecks of lung cancer screening: the vision of SOLACE
Helmut Prosch, Vienna / Austria
1. To consolidate knowledge about the evidence.
2. To appreciate challenges in implementation and reaching out to eligible participants.
3. To learn about the requirements for EU4health projects.
10 min
The Croatian experience
Miroslav Samarzija, Zagreb / Croatia
1. To learn from Europe's first national lung cancer screening programme.
2. To appreciate the potential of a cloud-based IT system and the benefits of complete digitalisation.
3. To understand the role of the general practitioners.
10 min
The French experience focusing on women
Marie-Pierre Revel, Paris / France
1. To learn about gender differences in lung cancer screening.
2. To appreciate the requirement to build a woman-only cohort.
3. To understand the potential benefits of linking breast and lung cancer screening.
10 min
The Hungarian experience focusing on deprived populations
Ildiko Horvath, Budapest / Hungary
1. To learn about the preliminary experience from the Hungarian pilot projects.
2. To appreciate specific efforts to reach out to deprived populations.
10 min
The Czech experience focusing on participants at very high risk
Martina Koziar Vasakova, Praha 4 - Krc / Czechia
1. To learn about the preliminary experience from the Czech pilot projects.
2. To appreciate aspects of higher risk beyond smoking history.
3. To understand how to identify and reach out to participants at very high risk.
10 min
Future impact of AI
Colin Jacobs, Nijmegen / Netherlands
1. To learn about the basics for automated detection of lung nodules.
2. To appreciate the current developments to assess the probability of malignancy.
3. To understand the future role of AI for workflow in lung cancer screening.
10 min
Participant's perspective, outreach, and dissemination
Pippa Powell, Sheffield / United Kingdom
1. To learn about the expectation of the participants and how to address their needs best.
2. To appreciate the importance of dedicated materials to increase participation rates.
3. To understand the SOLACE strategies for outreach and dissemination.
15 min
Panel discussion: How to implement lung cancer screening successfully?