EIBIR Session

EIBIR 13 - Innovative tools for comprehensive risk assessment in radiology: insights from the SINFONIA Project

March 1, 09:30 - 11:00 CET

5 min
Chairperson's introduction
John Damilakis, Iraklion / Greece
25 min
Innovative tools for the accurate estimation of organ doses from radiological examinations
John Damilakis, Iraklion / Greece
1. To learn about the SINFONIA web-based tools for patient-dose assessment in x-ray imaging.
2. To understand the role of AI in patient dosimetry.
3. To understand why accurate patient dosimetry is needed not only in radiotherapy but also in diagnostic radiology.
25 min
AI-based algorithms for dose optimisation in CT
Habib Zaidi, Genève / Switzerland
1. To learn about SINFONIA's AI-based algorithms for CT dose optimisation.
2. To understand how AI can assist in CT dose optimisation.
3. To appreciate the impact of AI on dose optimisation.
25 min
A novel software tool for risk appraisal
Christoph Hoeschen, Magdeburg / Germany
1. To learn the basic concepts behind risk estimation in the context of medical exposures.
2. To understand how the new SINFONIA risk appraisal software tool works.
3. To understand the limitations and uncertainties in the risk estimates for individual patients and what this means for using the risk appraisal tool in daily clinical routine.
10 min