New Horizons Session - Jointly organised by the ESR and EFLM

NH 10 - Integrated diagnostics: evidence-based therapy guidance in oncology

March 3, 14:00 - 15:30 CET

NH 10-1
5 min
Chairpersons' introduction
NH 10-2
15 min
From tumour markers to liquid biopsy
1. To provide an overview of the different circulating tumour markers available for cancer care.
2. To summarise the role of tumour markers in detecting cancer, assessing response to cancer therapy, and identifying residual disease.
3. To review the present and future role of liquid biopsy in cancer therapy guidance.
NH 10-3
15 min
Imaging cancer at a cellular and sub-cellular resolution
1. To gain insight on the wealth of data coming from tissue sample analysis, such as morphology, immunohistochemistry, and molecular pathology.
2. To understand the value of emerging tissue biomarkers in oncology.
3. To describe how digital pathology and artificial intelligence will enhance precision in cancer therapy guidance.
NH 10-4
15 min
Oncologic decision support systems from a radiologist's perspective
1. To describe the role of diagnostic imaging in guiding the cancer treatment decision-making process.   
2. To summarise the importance of integrating imaging biomarkers with other tumour biomarkers for therapy guidance.
3. To review the state of the art of oncologic clinical support systems that integrate imaging information.
NH 10-5
15 min
Precision cancer therapy: making sense of it all
1. To understand that precision oncology is not just targeted therapy.
2. To appreciate the potential of a precision oncology approach in cancer research and in clinical practice.
3. To understand the power of integrated diagnostics for patient selection.
NH 10-6
25 min
Panel discussion: Sharing clinical decisions in cancer care