Open Forum Session - Organised by EuroSafe Imaging

OF 22R - Medical radiation exposure in pregnancy

July 17, 08:00 - 09:00 CEST

OF 22R-1
5 min
Chairperson's introduction
Claudio Granata, Genoa / Italy
OF 22R-2
10 min
Common indications, justification, and optimisation of radiologic procedures during pregnancy
Erich Sorantin, Graz / Austria
1. To appreciate the most common radiologic procedures performed in pregnant women.
2. To understand the peculiar aspects of justification of radiologic procedures.
3. To learn how to reduce conceptus exposure during radiologic procedures.
OF 22R-3
10 min
Medical irradiation and dose exposure to the conceptus
John Damilakis, Iraklion / Greece
1. To appreciate the usual dose exposure to the conceptus for the most common radiologic procedures.
2. To learn about the radiation-related risks of health effects for the conceptus according to the developmental stage and dose exposure.
3. To understand how a qualified expert can make an estimate of the absorbed dose of the conceptus after an x-ray procedure.
OF 22R-4
10 min
Communicating the risk and benefit of medical irradiation to pregnant women
1. To understand how the participation of pregnant women undergoing radiologic procedures can be emotional.
2. To appreciate what information pregnant women want when undergoing a radiologic procedure.
3. To learn how to communicate the risk and benefit of a radiologic procedure simply and clearly for the mother and the conceptus.
OF 22R-5
25 min
Open forum discussion