E³ - The Beauty of Basic Knowledge: A Survival Guide to Musculoskeletal Imaging

E³ 24D - MSK infection: what are the clues?

July 15, 12:30 - 13:30 CEST

E³ 24D-2
18 min
Long bones
Joan C. Vilanova, Girona / Spain
1. To recognise the imaging features of long bone infection correlated with the underlying pathological process.
2. To provide the multimodality imaging approach in bone infection.
3. To describe the potential advantages that advanced MR imaging techniques provide for bone infection assessment.
E³ 24D-3
18 min
Josef Kramer, Linz / Austria
1. To become familiar with the epidemiological considerations.
2. To review the clinical symptoms and laboratory findings.
3. To discuss the various imaging techniques, with a focus on MRI.
4. To identify the key findings of imaging.
5. To learn the differential diagnoses.
E³ 24D-4
18 min
Anne Cotten, Lille / France
1. To identify the early features of spinal infection on MR images.
2. To recognise atypical presentations of spinal infection.
3. To list the main differential diagnoses of spinal infection on MR images.
E³ 24D-5
6 min
Panel discussion