Joint Session of the ESR and EFSUMB

ESR/EFSUMB - Multiparametric ultrasound (MPUS) for diagnostic conundrum: where is it useful?

July 13, 08:00 - 09:00 CEST

2 min
Chairpersons' introduction
Vito Cantisani, Rome / Italy
Mirko D'Onofrio, Verona / Italy
12 min
MPUS in breast
Boris Brkljačić, Zagreb / Croatia
1. To understand the role of multiparametric ultrasound in the diagnosis of breast cancer and other breast lesions.
2. To discuss the specific use of B-mode, colour Doppler, strain and shear wave sonoelastography, and CEUS in breast imaging.
3. To discuss the role of ultrasound in screening and in correlation with mammography and breast MRI.
12 min
MPUS in thyroid
Vito Cantisani, Rome / Italy
1. To provide updated knowledge on TIRADS.
2. To provide the technical principles of US-elastography, CEUS, and artificial intelligence for thyroid nodule characterisation.
3. To update the diagnostic algorithm of thyroid nodules.
12 min
MPUS in testis
Michele Bertolotto, Trieste / Italy
1. To understand the role of multiparametric US in the acute scrotum.
2. To discuss the role of greyscale, Doppler, elastographic modes, and CEUS for testicular lesion characterisation.
3. To provide an updated diagnostic approach to the small, incidentally detected testicular nodule.
12 min
MPUS in pancreas
Adrian Saftoiu, Bucharest / Romania
1. To discuss the various techniques of multiparametric ultrasound (elastography, contrast, fusion, confocal, and artificial intelligence).
2. To discuss the various types of scanning, such as transabdominal, endoscopic, and intraoperative (laparoscopic/robotic), in comparison with CT/MRI.
3. To understand the algorithm of diagnosis and therapy in solid focal pancreatic masses and cystic pancreatic neoplasms.
10 min
Panel discussion: Do you believe B-mode ultrasound as a stand-alone technique is outdated?

CME Information

This session is accredited with 1 CME credit.