SF 2b - My three most dreaded head and neck requests


SF 2b_2 - Tinnitus

SF 2b_2 - Tinnitus

17:38Berit Verbist, Leiden / NL

There is no conflict of interest to disclose for this lecture.

Learning Objectives
1. To review imaging modalities used for the workup of tinnitus.
2. To give an overview of underlying lesions in pulsatile tinnitus.
3. To compare imaging for pulsatile and non-pulsatile tinnitus.

SF 2b_3 - Enlarged lymph nodes

SF 2b_3 - Enlarged lymph nodes

16:33Roberto Maroldi, Brescia / IT

Learning Objectives
1. To discuss the imaging approach for suspected enlarged lymph nodes.
2. To review the differential diagnoses in lymphadenopathies.
3. To advise when fine needle aspiration cytology or biopsy is needed.

SF 2b_4 - Hoarseness

SF 2b_4 - Hoarseness

21:33Edith Vassallo, Msida / MT

Learning Objectives
1. To explain the value of CT and MRI in the evaluation of hoarseness.
2. To show lesions causing hoarseness.
3. To reflect on the incidence of underlying lesions in hoarseness.

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