Cancer Care Day by Siemens Healthineers & Bayer

IND 1 - Opening Cancer Care Day

Cancer Care Day. Discover, discuss, and define the future of oncology.

At Siemens Healthineers, we are striving to create a world without the fear of cancer. As we address a variety of cancer types, we are re–thinking Breast Care Day in broader terms and have evolved it into a completely new and holistic Cancer Care Day format for ECR 2023.

This year you can benefit from sessions along the entire cancer care continuum, from screening and early detection to therapy and survivorship:
  • Lung cancer and lung cancer screening programs at the European level. Talk to key experts!
  • Breast care, with news on the clinical use of contrast media and AI. Discuss the controversies!
  • Multidisciplinary panel on liver cancer, from early diagnosis to treatment. Join the talk!
  • The patient experience is more than a buzzword. Look beyond the standard oncology care pathway!

Join us at our Cancer Care Day 2023 to discover, discuss, and define the future of oncology together. Learn how to empower your cancer care teams to address and meet individual patient needs on a comprehensive level.

15 min
Opening Cancer Care Day
Andre Hartung / Germany


Opening Cancer Care Day

Opening Cancer Care Day

15:00Andre Hartung