Industry Workshop by Canon Medical

WS 76 - Pediatric CT from a Radiographer Perspective- Tips, Tricks and Optimization

March 4, 14:30 - 15:30 CET

Paediatric CT scanning is much less performed than adult CT and even less so as a dedicated paediatric scanning service. As such, there is limited information out there regarding best practices and how to scan children successfully. Through this presentation Jon will share his experience as a radiographer running a dedicated paediatric CT scanning service using a wide detector CT system. This will include tips regarding scanning and reconstruction techniques, immobilization and distraction methods, dose reduction, and scanner features that assist paediatric scanning and contrast CT examination protocols and practices. He will also share his experience of optimization of protocols for neonatal and cardiac gated CT scans with some before and after examples and showcase an example of how wide detector CT has changed a clinical pathway for paediatric patients in Bristol, UK.

This workshop will not be streamed!