Refresher Courses: Emergency Imaging

Penetrating injuries: how to image the patient and which finding are most useful for patient management?

5 min
Chairperson's introduction
15 min
Imaging approach in penetrating injuries
1. To learn about possible imaging approaches in patients with penetrating injuries.
2. To understand the pros and cons of the different imaging approaches.
3. To learn about which imaging protocol is the most appropriate to adopt.
15 min
Subtle injuries in penetrating trauma
1. To become familiar with subtle injuries in penetrating trauma.
2. To understand its clinical significance and implications.
3. To learn about the possible causes of misdiagnosis in penetrating trauma.
15 min
The role of interventional radiology in penetrating trauma
1. To understand the role of interventional radiologists in penetrating trauma.
2. To become familiar with the spectrum of vascular and non-vascular injuries that may be treated by the interventional radiologist.
3. To learn about the most common interventional radiology treatments in patients with penetrating trauma.
10 min
Panel discussion: Which is the best imaging protocol to assess penetrating injuries and to plan the intervention?