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SF 8b - Quantitative MRI: from MR-physics to tissue microstructure

October 29, 2020 | 17:00 CET

  • 3 Lectures
  • 60 Minutes
  • 3 Speakers


SF 8b-1
Introduction by the moderator
David J. Lurie, Aberdeen / UK
SF 8b-2
T1, T2, and PD: direct mapping or not?
Marcel Jan Bertus Warntjes, Linköping / SE
Learning Objectives
1. To present current methods for T1, T2, and PD mapping.
2. To understand how mathematical multicompartment analysis of relaxation times can describe complex biophysical models of tissue microstructure.
3. To underline how relaxation and PD mapping give novel information related to tissue microstructure at the subvoxel level.
SF 8b-3
Bringing quantitative magnetic susceptibility mapping into the clinic
Ludovic de Rochefort, Marseille / FR
Learning Objectives
1. To present current methods for quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM).
2. To understand which biophysical tissue properties can affects magnetic susceptibility, and to identify which tissues benefit from a QSM analysis.
3. To highlight the potentials of QSM to assess tissue function and disease, and to describe the actual limits of the technique as a standard tool for clinical diagnostic imaging.
SF 8b-4
Promises and pitfalls of magnetisation transfer and diffusion
Mara Cercignani, Brighton / UK
Learning Objectives
1. To present basic and advanced methods for magnetisation transfer (MT) and diffusion quantification.
2. To define the tissue microstructure and structural connectivity features that affect diffusion, and to give updates on novel quantitative diffusion metrics, their potential, and limits for clinical applications.
3. To understand MT modelling and feature extraction, and to describe the state of the art of MT quantification in clinical and pre-clinical studies.
SF 8b-5
Live Q&A: From direct mapping to extrapolating MR-properties

Radiographers / Physics in Medical Imaging


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David J. Lurie

Aberdeen, United Kingdom



Marcel Jan Bertus Warntjes

Linköping, Sweden


Mara Cercignani

Brighton, United Kingdom


Ludovic de Rochefort

Marseille, France