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Meets 8b - Radiography profession performance and future challenges in Canada

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  • 60 Minutes
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Meets 8b-1
The regulatory situation in Canada for radiographers and radiological technologists
Alain Cromp, Ottawa, ON / CA
Learning Objectives
1. To learn how the profession of radiographers is regulated in Canada.
2. To understand how the regulation differs from one province to another, and the challenges of mobility for radiographers.
3. To become familiar with the continuing professional development obligations imposed by regulators.
4. To understand the difference between regulators, the National Alliance of Regulators, and the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT).
Meets 8b-2
The current and evolving state of medical radiation technology (MRT) education in Canada
Carrie Bru, Ottawa, ON / CA
Learning Objectives
1. To examine the different models of entry-level MRT education in Canada.
2. To identify trends impacting entry-level MRT education.
3. To discuss Canada?s transition to a role-based competency framework.
4. To describe the advanced practice landscape in Canada.
Meets 8b-3
Artificial intelligence (AI) and the medical radiation profession: how our advocacy must inform future practice
Andrew Murphy, Vancouver, BC / CA
Learning Objectives
1. To learn about the overall applications of AI in medical imaging.
2. To understand the methods in which these applications are being researched, tested, and sold to health care professionals, and the steps radiology groups are taking to educate their members.
3. To appreciate the value that both radiographers and radiographer societies around the world can provide by ensuring safe, accountable rollouts of AI tools.
4. To become familiar with AI as a clinical tool rather than an overcomplicated, inaccessible entity.
Meets 8b-4
Quality, safety and peer review: a Canadian experience
Steve DeColle, Edmonton, AB / CA
Learning Objectives
1. To learn about technologist peer learning.
2. To appreciate the value of peer learning to the patient experience.
3. To understand the implications peer learning has on quality and safety.

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