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BS 1 - Radiologic anatomy: abdomen

  • 3 Lectures
  • 60 Minutes
  • 3 Speakers


BS 1_1 - Small bowel

BS 1_1 - Small bowel

21:56Stuart A. Taylor, London / UK

Learning Objectives
1. To appreciate the embryological development of the small bowel.
2. To learn about the anatomy of the small bowel relevant to radiological imaging.
3. To understand the pitfalls of the normal small bowel appearance during imaging interpretation.

BS 1_2 - Anorectal

BS 1_2 - Anorectal

35:54Andras Palko, Szeged / HU

Learning Objectives
1. To review the normal anatomy of the anorectum.
2. To learn how well depicted the different anatomical landmarks of the anorectum are with different available imaging methods.
3. To discuss the clinical scenarios for which it is necessary to be aware of the anatomy of the anorectum.

BS 1_3 - Peritoneum and mesentery

BS 1_3 - Peritoneum and mesentery

21:23Panos K. Prassopoulos, Thessaloniki / GR

Learning Objectives
1. To review the radiologic anatomy of peritoneal ligaments, mesenteries, and omenta on cross-sectional imaging.
2. To describe the most clinically important peritoneal compartments and fluid collections.
3. To discuss the key role of anatomy in the dissemination of malignancies or the restriction of inflammatory processes in the abdomen.

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