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BS 2 - Radiologic anatomy: chest

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BS 2_1 - Mediastinal

BS 2_1 - Mediastinal

23:47Mariaelena Occhipinti, Florence / IT

Learning Objectives
1. To review the mediastinal anatomy according to old and new classifications.
2. To define "normal" and "abnormal" mediastinal anatomy.
3. To use radiologic anatomy to characterise mediastinal lesions and to stage tumours.

BS 2_2 - Lungs

BS 2_2 - Lungs

20:35Cornelia M. Schaefer-Prokop, Amersfoort / NL

Learning Objectives
1. To know how to interpret mediastinal lines and contours in chest radiography.
2. To become familiar with "signs" in chest radiography helpful for diagnosis.
3. To know the normal appearance of lung parenchyma on CT and to use the anatomy of the secondary lobule for analysis of chest diseases.

BS 2_3 - Vasculature

BS 2_3 - Vasculature

18:47Iva Zuza, Rijeka / HR

Learning Objectives
1. To identify thoracic vascular structures on chest x-rays.
2. To interpret chest vasculature, including aorta and coronary arteries, major aortic branches, and pulmonary arteries and veins by using multidetector CT (MDCT).
3. To review and illustrate the most common variants and anomalies.
4. To discuss the challenges and limitations in interpretation based on particular CT scanning protocols.

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