Open Forum Session - Organised by EuroSafe Imaging

OF 23R - Recommendations for setting alerts in patient dose values

July 17, 09:30 - 10:30 CEST

OF 23R-2
5 min
Reinhard W.R. Loose, Nuremberg / Germany
OF 23R-3
15 min
Dose notifications and alerts: how to implement and use them
Virginia Tsapaki, Athens / Greece
1. To learn the importance of notifications and alerts in the optimisation of imaging and interventions.
2. To describe the uses of these terms in international standards.
3. To identify the potential difficulties in their practical application.
OF 23R-4
15 min
Dose alerts in interventional radiology: how to monitor procedures and avoid skin injuries
1. To learn the practical aspects for the use of alert levels.
2. To appreciate the benefits and problems in setting alert levels in interventional radiology.
3. To understand the advantages of alert levels to avoid skin radiation injuries.
OF 23R-5
15 min
The use of dose notifications and alerts to optimise procedures in CT
Michael Lell, Nuremberg / Germany
1. To learn the practical aspects using alerts in CT.
2. To appreciate the impact to the workload of radiographers and radiologists.
3. To understand the benefits derived from the use of alert values in CT.
OF 23R-6
10 min
Open forum discussion