E³ - Advanced Course: Gynaecology/Genitourinary Imaging

E³ 2332 - Renal masses

March 6, 09:30 - 11:00 CET

E³ 2332-1
5 min
Chairperson's introduction
E³ 2332-2
20 min
Management options of renal masses in the frail patient
1. To be able to best determine which patients with which tumours should be considered for treatment.
2. To understand the current and near-future treatment options for frail patients with a renal mass.
3. To recognise the evidence gaps.
E³ 2332-3
20 min
Focal treatment of solid renal masses
1. To review the indications of focal treatment in solid renal masses and follow-up after focal treatment.
2. To understand the techniques of focal treatment.
3. To provide practical tips, to demonstrate how I do focal treatment, and to review focal treatment complications.
E³ 2332-4
15 min
Multimodality staging of renal cell carcinoma: pearls and pitfalls
1. To learn how to characterise renal tumours before a biopsy.
2. To understand the evaluation of a tumour's vascularisation and complexity mandatory to plan an optimal surgery.
3. To evaluate the feasibility of percutaneous ablation while avoiding complications.
E³ 2332-5
30 min
Multidisciplinary tumour board: case-based panel discussion