Studio Session

ST 20 - SOLACE Insight: Strengthening Lung Cancer Screening Across Europe




30:00Helmut Prosch, Vienna / AT

The SOLACE project assesses the current state of policies, needs, and best practices of Lung Cancer Screening (LCS) in EU member states and produces a comprehensive guideline and implementation package covering all steps of the lung cancer screening pathway: evidence-based guidelines, technical papers, documents regarding quality assurance, methodology, benefit-harm balance, and cost-effectiveness. This package is used to showcase the new implementation methodology suggested. Moreover, SOLACE designs, plans, and rolls out three pilot projects in 10 member states with more than 12,000 participants with the aim to increase participation considering: gender aspects, inequalities regarding hard-to-reach populations (social, ethnic, geographical), and higher-risk individuals.

30 min
Helmut Prosch, Vienna / Austria

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