Patients in Focus

IF 10 - Switching roles: the experiences and expectations of patients

July 14, 14:15 - 15:45 CEST

IF 10-3
15 min
Presentation of the 'Patient Expectations' paper
Cheryl Cruwys, Glanges / France
1. To learn, in a playful way, the experiences of patients in the radiology department: good, less good, and perhaps even funny.
2. To understand that the interaction between staff and patient will have an impact on the patient and can even lead to undesired "side-effects".
3. To appreciate that listening, open-mindedness, and observation of patients will lead to a better understanding of the needs of patients and an improvement in service and care.
IF 10-4
15 min
Panel discussion: What are the expectations of the patient and are they being met?
Charlotte Beardmore, London / UK
IF 10-5
15 min
Introduction to patient stories
Adrian Brady, Cork / Ireland
1. To learn about the changing role of the radiologist, moving closer to the clinicians and patients.
2. To understand that the same story can be positive for the patient and at the same time "negative" for the radiologist/radiographer.
3. To appreciate that, every now and then, even in a serious department, something funny can happen.
IF 10-6
4 min
Judy's story
Judy Birch, Poole / UK
IF 10-7
4 min
Adrian's story
Adrian Brady, Cork / Ireland
IF 10-8
4 min
Erik's story
Erik Briers, Hasselt / Belgium
IF 10-9
4 min
Cheryl's story
Cheryl Cruwys, Glanges / France
IF 10-10
4 min
Dominique's story
Dominique-Gérard Carrié, Toulouse / France
IF 10-11
4 min
Joliene's story
Joliene Munier, Eindhoven / Netherlands
IF 10-12
4 min
Caroline's story
Caroline Justich, Vienna / Austria
IF 10-13
17 min
Panel discussion