Joint Session of ESR and EIBIR

ESR/EIBIR 3 - The MEDIRAD project: improving medical radiation protection for patients and staff

July 13, 11:30 - 12:30 CEST

5 min
Chairpersons' introduction
Guy Frija, Paris / France
10 min
CT exposure in childhood and subsequent risk of cancer
1. To understand risk estimation for children, a sensitive population whose exposure has increased substantially in the recent decades.
2. To understand retrospective reconstruction of doses.
3. To learn about the long-term follow-up of populations, taking into account potential confounders.
10 min
Patient-specific radiation dose and cancer risk for chest CT
John Damilakis, Iraklion / Greece
1. To provide information about a novel CT dosimetry tool developed within the framework of the MEDIRAD Horizon 2020 project.
2. To appreciate the value of accurate dosimetry in CT.
3. To understand the limitations of current CT dosimetry methods and tools.
10 min
Cardiac CT and cardiac MRI biomarkers before and after breast cancer irradiation: the EARLY-HEART study
1. To understand how to evaluate the effect of irradiation on the heart after breast cancer treatment by CT and MRI.
2. To become familiar with the EARLY-HEART study.
3. To understand what we have learnt from the study.
10 min
Effectiveness of staff radioprotective equipment during interventional procedures with a special focus on the eye lens and the brain
Jérémie Dabin, Mol / Belgium
1. To review recent information on selected equipment effectiveness.
2. To learn about their advantages and limitations.
3. To understand the influence of their conditions of use.
5 min
EIBIR activities and upcoming funding opportunities
Nathan Peld, Vienna / Austria
1. To learn about EIBIR activities and support services.
2. To understand how EIBIR can increase funding success.
3. To become familiar with European research funding opportunities, in particular, Horizon Europe.
10 min
Panel discussion: How can the results of the MEDIRAD project be translated into daily clinical practice?