Patients in Focus

IF 9a - The power of exchange: a success story, track record, and its achievement!

March 3, 12:30 - 13:30 CET

IF 9a-3
2 min
1. To learn about the changing role of the radiologist, closer to the clinicians and patients.
2. To appreciate the new positioning of the radiologist in the medical world.
IF 9a-4
10 min
Industry view: improving patients' empowerment
1. To learn how technology, digital and artificial intelligence, are going to elevate the patient's journey.
2. To appreciate how industry can support in and outpatient care.
3. To understand that healthcare professionals, industry, and patients will work together to re-image what is possible.
IF 9a-5
10 min
The radiologist as a virtual surgeon
1. To learn what clinicians need and expect from radiologists.
2. To appreciate the role of every member of the medical team and to underline the power of this exchange and interaction, and to demonstrate building bridges at the University Clinic Eberhard Karls Tübingen by implementing a complementary health department at the clinic campus.
3. To understand what the future of medicine and this mutual work might look like and to focus on the benefits and improvements this will bring among all stakeholders.
IF 9a-6
18 min
A true story of success: the radiologist as a game changer
1. To learn about the important role of the radiologist for the patient and to demonstrate how a new positioning of the radiologist in the medical world is possible in practice.
2. To appreciate the changes in clinical practice underlining the importance of the radiologist as a gatekeeper and their work on a multidisciplinary level, and the potential for a successful radiologist-patient relationship.
3. To understand how interaction, exchange, giving hope, building bridges, and working as a team can lead to a success story.
4. To learn how it worked out in real life and to present the results that will optimise the work of the radiologist, save their time, and improve their positioning, and to present a major benefit for the patient.
IF 9a-7
20 min
Panel discussion: What do patients, clinicians, and other stakeholders require from their experience within a radiology department?