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RC 214 - The role of medical imaging in radiotherapy

  • 3 Lectures
  • 60 Minutes
  • 3 Speakers

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RC 214-1
A. CT and MRI in treatment and planning
Jose Guilherme Couto, Msida / MT
Learning Objectives
1. To highlight the imaging specifications for planning.
2. To understand the role of CT in current radiotherapy practice.
3. To be familiar with the role of MRI in current radiotherapy practice.
RC 214-2
B. Role of imaging in positioning verification
Alexander Raith, Vienna / AT
Learning Objectives
1. To discuss the use of different imaging modalities for position verification.
2. To be familiar with modification techniques to address deviations in treatment planning.
3. To identify practical tips for MRI Linac use.
RC 214-3
C. The radiographers' role in radiation planning and dosimetry
Nuno Rodrigues, Melres / PT
Learning Objectives
1. To identify advantages and disadvantages of different methods for radiation planning and dosimetry.
2. To be familiar with strategies to decrease organ risk.
3. To understand the importance of adaptive radiotherapy.

Radiographers / Physics in Medical Imaging