ESR Pop Up organized from Estonia

EPU 18 - The Story of National PACS

EPU 18-1
3 min
About Estonia: History, nature, people
Gert Mikkal, Tallinn / Estonia
EPU 18-2
3 min
Introduction - national PACS
Martin Reim, Tartu / Estonia
EPU 18-3
5 min
Short explination of our PACS
Peeter Ross, Tallinn / Estonia
PACS architecture
EPU 18-4
5 min
The national society's role in the creation of PACS
Sergei Nazarenko, Tallinn / Estonia
Leadership and management
EPU 18-5
5 min
Regional hospital view on the creation of PACS
Margus Ulst, Tartu / Estonia
EPU 18-6
5 min
PACS team on the technical solution and functions
Andrus Paats, Tallinn / Estonia
PACS technical solutions
EPU 18-7
5 min
PACS team on getting everybody on board
Andrus Aavik, Elva / Estonia
PACS network, national dimension
EPU 18-8
5 min
Hospital view on national PACS role, benefits and possibilities
Pilvi Ilves, Tartu / Estonia
Telemedicine values and possibilities
EPU 18-9
5 min
Telemedicine and stroke pathway in Estonia
Janika Kõrv, Tallinn / Estonia
Stroke management / pathways - clinical
EPU 18-10
5 min
Future views of national PACS development
Äli Roose, Tallinn / Estonia
Vision for the future
EPU 18-11
4 min
BCR 2022 - Baltic Congress of Radiology 2022
Elina Reedi, Tartu / Estonia
Jaanika Kumm, Tartumaa / Estonia
Annika Tähepõld, Tartu / Estonia
Georg Aule, Tallinn / Estonia
Andrei ?amarin, Tallinn / Estonia

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