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New Horizons Session

NH 3 - Thera(g)nostics

March 6, 16:45 - 17:45 CET

  • 3 Lectures
  • 60 Minutes
  • 3 Speakers


NH 3-2
15 min
Thera(g)nostics: what is it all about?
Frederik L. Giesel, Heidelberg / Germany
1. To become familiar with basic hypotheses of thera(g)nostics.
2. To understand the underlying mechanisms of target selection for imaging and therapy.
3. To know about the most relevant clinical fields for theragnostic concepts.
4. To learn about the key translational challenges of thera(g)nostics towards clinical care.
NH 3-3
15 min
Novel thera(g)nostic twins for imaging and therapy
Hans-Jürgen Wester, Munich / Germany
1. To learn about the most successful therapeutic twins in clinical use.
2. To understand which inherent properties are most relevant to their success.
3. To become familiar with candidate compounds bearing high translational potential.
4. To know about the most relevant interfaces between radiochemistry and clinical research for clinical translation of novel thera(g)nostic compounds.
NH 3-4
15 min
Molecular biomarkers for immuno-imaging
Elisabeth de Vries, Groningen / Netherlands
1. To learn about the concept of imaging biomarkers.
2. To become familiar with the basics of immuno-imaging.
3. To know about the most relevant clinical applications of immuno-imaging.
4. To understand the main challenges and limitations of immuno-imaging for clinical translation.
10 min
Live Q&A: Does hybrid imaging improve patient outcome?

CME Information

This session is accredited with 1 CME credit.



Clemens C. Cyran

Munich, Germany



Frederik L Giesel

Heidelberg, Germany


Hans-Jürgen Wester

Munich, Germany


Elisabeth de Vries

Groningen, Netherlands