Special Focus Session

Thoracic imaging: more than just the lungs

5 min
Chairperson's introduction
15 min
Airways: dynamic and functional imaging
1. To describe the anatomy of the airways, from the trachea to the respiratory bronchiole.
2. To list the differential diagnoses of the main pathologies affecting both proximal and distal airways.
3. To appreciate how different imaging protocols, including dynamic protocols, can be used to assess airway disease.
15 min
Vessels: acute and chronic pulmonary vascular disease
1. To describe a systematic assessment of the vessels and parenchyma for pulmonary vascular disease, including pulmonary hypertension.
2. To list the benefits and limitations of different imaging modalities in assessing pulmonary vascular disease.
3. To appreciate how imaging contributes to risk stratification and the management of acute pulmonary embolism.
15 min
Mediastinum: anatomy and pathology
1. To describe the borders of contemporary mediastinal compartments in 2D and 3D imaging.
2. To list the differential diagnoses of the main mediastinal diseases in each mediastinal compartment.
3. To reflect on the various patterns of tumour dissemination and how they relate to thoracic lymphatic drainage.
15 min
Bones and the chest wall
1. To identify the main muscles and skeletal structures of the chest wall.
2. To list the common incidental musculoskeletal pathologies that may be encountered when imaging the chest.
3. To understand the indications for dedicated imaging of the chest wall, including MRI, radionuclide bone imaging, and ultrasound.
25 min
Panel discussion: Is there a "one-stop-shop" method for imaging the chest?