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SF 3 - Thrombectomy outside the brain!


SF 3 - Thrombectomy outside the brain!

SF 3 - Thrombectomy outside the brain!

28:48Maximilian de Bucourt, Berlin, DE & Florian Wolf, Vienna, AT

One of the most exciting innovations within endovascular medicine within the last few years has been the introduction of thrombectomy devices to treat acute ischemic strokes, either by aspiration, or by stent-retriever, or through a combination of both. This innovation represents a real game-changer in treating cerebral ischemia, and consequently, endovascular treatment of ischemic stroke has become one of the top topics of several sessions during this congress. But thrombectomy is required – and is now possible – even outside the brain. Today, two different thrombectomy cases outside of the brain will be performed in our simulator adventure park. First, Florian Wolf will treat an acute thromboembolism in the peripheral arterial system, and in our second half, Maximilian de Bucourt will perform a thrombectomy in a case of acute pulmonary embolism.

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