Industry Workshop by Canon Medical

WS 18 - Ultra-High-Resolution Ultrasound of the Fingers: Approaching the Limit Before Microscopy

March 2, 10:30 - 11:30 CET

Last generation ultrasound devices equipped with linear array transducers working at very high frequency bands (as high as 24MHz) with appropriate pulse shaping, sophisticated algorithms for image denoising, dynamic focusing, matrix technology and intelligent filtering are opening new perspectives to image superficial tissues with an exquisite depiction of details from submillimeter structures and their abnormalities. The very high spatial and contrast resolution offered by such advanced imaging platforms has resulted in diagnostic confidence and opened new diagnostic fields and possibilities for ultrasound imaging. At the same time, the huge number of details that, at least in part, have not been described yet, entails the need to revive your own anatomical knowledge, introducing a new sonoanatomy that is somewhat different (and more complex) from the one learned on MR imaging or based on conventional ultrasound probes. All these considerations are immediately evident when examining the fingers where real-time scanning makes ultrasound an ideal means to provide a static and dynamic assessment of different structures, including flexor digitorum tendons and their sheath, the extensor hood and its components, annular pulleys and cruciform bands, osteochondral surfaces, recesses, palmar plates and collateral ligaments of the finger joints. The aim of this presentation is to review the fine sonoanatomy and the most common pathologic conditions of the fingers by means of ultra high-resolution ultrasound transducers.

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