Refresher Courses: Vascular

RC 915 - Vasculitis revisited

July 14, 12:30 - 13:30 CEST

RC 915-1
5 min
Chairperson's introduction
Viktor Bérczi, Budapest / Hungary
RC 915-2
10 min
Justin C. Mason, London / UK
1. To name the most common vasculitides and understand their key organ-specific impacts.
2. To appreciate the predominant cell-types involved in the pathogenesis of vasculitis and the cytokines that represent real or potential therapeutic targets.
3. To describe the treatment approaches commonly employed for the treatment of vasculitis, including the role of biologic therapies.
RC 915-3
10 min
Pia C. Maly Sundgren, Lund / Sweden
1. To understand the value of proper clinical information to suggest vasculitis.
2. To learn about the imaging methods available for imaging patients with suspected vasculitis.
3. To understand the difficulties in diagnosing vasculitis.
RC 915-4
10 min
Body manifestations of large vessel vasculitis
Thorsten Bley, Würzburg / Germany
1. To understand the pathophysiology of large vessel vasculitis.
2. To learn about colour-coded duplex sonography, MRI, and PET CT available for imaging large vessel vasculitis.
3. To understand the pitfalls in the various imaging modalities in diagnosing vasculitis.
RC 915-5
10 min
Interventional radiology implications of vasculitis
Fabrizio Fanelli, Florence / Italy
1. To define the role of endovascular therapy in vasculitis.
2. To learn the endovascular techniques used in the treatment of vasculitis.
3. To discuss the different embolic agents available.
RC 915-6
15 min
Panel discussion: The need for multidisciplinary in diagnosis and treatment