Simulator Flashlights

SF 1 - Walk your talk in simulation!


SF 1 - Walk your talk in simulation!

SF 1 - Walk your talk in simulation!

26:58M. de Bucourt, Berlin/DE & T. Sunnanväder, Malmö/SE

Nowadays, high-end endovascular simulators represent a substantial part of education and training in endovascular medicine. They allow for us to become familiar with endovascular tools and materials, to train in new procedures and to utilize a modern training tool for upcoming interventionalists! In this Simulator Flashlight session, Maximilian de Bucourt will present these devices together with Thomas Sunnanväder from Mentice, who is one of the main manufacturers of endovascular simulators and will demonstrate the amazing opportunities these training devices offer. In the second part, Maximilian de Bucourt will perform a simulated live case – be surprised at what he will achieve!

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