ESR Pop Up organized from Jerusalem

Welcome to the Department of Radiology at the Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center in Jerusalem


EPU 04-1
1 min
Welcome to Jerusalem Video
EPU 04-2
1 min
Welcome to Hadassah
Zeev Rotstein, Jerusalem / Israel
EPU 04-3
2 min
Video - overview of Hadassah medical center
EPU 04-4
5 min
100+ years of Radiology at Hadassah
Jacob Sosna, Jerusalem / Israel
EPU 04-5
10 min
Academic-Industrial Partnership in Start-up nation at Hadassah
Nahum Goldberg, Jerusalem / Israel
EPU 04-6
3 min
Video presenting the "Deam Doctors Project" at Hadassah: Medical Clowns in the COVID-19 Unit
EPU 04-7
5 min
Culturally-competent Radiologist-Patient Communication in Jerusalem
Dorith Shaham, Jerusalem / Israel
EPU 04-8
8 min
Israeli-Palestinian Mentorship and Cooperation in Interventional Radiology
Liat Appelbaum, Jerusalem / Israel
EPU 04-9
3 min
Video: Images from within and around: Ms Silvia Roitman, US Technologist and Potographer
EPU 04-10
11 min
Specialized Clinic for healthy Women with Genetic Predisposition for Breast Cancer
Tamar Sella, Jerusalem / Israel
EPU 04-11
1 min
Jerusalem - more than you thought video