Clinical Trials in Radiology

In Clinical Trials in Radiology (CTiR) sessions, scientific evidence is presented for imaging tests that are very likely to impact a radiologist’s clinical practice in the future. Each CTiR presented during these sessions is accompanied by an opinionated live discussion by experts in the respective field.

connAction – Radiology Connecting Disciplines

The “connAction – Radiology Connecting Disciplines” event will feature some of radiology’s biggest names sharing the stage with experts from other medical disciplines. The sessions will cover a wide range of topics but will share a common thread in examining radiology’s place in the healthcare continuum and emphasising the importance of taking a multidisciplinary approach to care.

E³ – Advanced Courses

The E³ – Advanced Courses are a series of sessions covering subjects of great relevance. This year’s courses include imaging of the heart, sustainable technological innovations and image-guided therapy. Conducted by specialists in their discipline, the various sessions within each course demonstrate the multiple facets of these topics while complementing one another to provide an in-depth exploration of the respective field.
E³ – ECR Master Classes

The E³ – ECR Master Classes focus on continuous professional development and lifelong learning. The classes are designed for subspecialised radiologists seeking cutting-edge information in their particular fields of interest. They are held by experts in the field and reflect state-of-the-art knowledge, as well as emerging trends. The contents mostly cover Level III European Training Curriculum (ETC) learning objectives and beyond.

E³ – European Diploma Prep Sessions

The E³ – European Diploma Prep sessions aim to provide a preparation for future European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR) candidates and are held in close cooperation with the European Board of Radiology (EBR). They are also suitable for residents wishing to obtain an overview of the various topics relevant to imaging and for those preparing for their national board examinations. The content of the programme reflects Levels I+II European Training Curriculum for Radiology (ETC) learning objectives across a two-year cycle.

E³ – The Beauty of Basic Knowledge Sessions

The E³ – Beauty of Basic Knowledge sessions offer participants the chance to refresh their knowledge in fundamental topics of imaging. This year, the Beauty of Basic Knowledge sessions focus on sports, hybrid and vascular imaging, allowing anyone from new residents to board-certified radiologists to strengthen their understanding in these essentials of radiology.

E³ – Young ECR Programme

The E³ – Young ECR Programme is tailored for residents, students, radiographers, and trainee radiographers, designed especially to offer a variety of essential knowledge. An assortment of sessions is provided to ensure a thorough examination of the topics, including Basic Sessions, Case-Based Diagnosis Training Sessions, Student Sessions, and the Radiology Trainees Forum Programme, including the RTF Highlighted Lectures and the entertaining RTF Quiz.

EFRS Sessions

The ‘EFRS Meets’ session is organised by the European Federation of Radiographer Societies (EFRS) and provides a platform to introduce and highlight the accomplishments of their member societies in the world of radiography. This year’s session features experts from Italy.
The EFRS session is jointly organised with the Radiography Journal and will discuss important publication aspects.

ESR at Work Sessions

The ESR at Work sessions are organised by bodies of the European Society of Radiology to showcase their current activities.

ESR Meets Sessions

The ‘ESR Meets’ sessions are an opportunity for the radiological community to gain a greater insight into the innovations and perspectives of other nations and societies while also strengthening the bonds between the ESR and its guest societies. This year, the ESR is proud to host the countries of Italy, Argentina and Singapore.

EuroSafe Imaging Sessions

The EuroSafe Imaging sessions highlight quality and safety aspects related to medical imaging with a focus on radiation protection and related research and regulatory requirements as well as their implementation.

Hands-on Workshops

The ECR Hands-on Workshops are an excellent opportunity for attendees to practice their skills in a “learning by doing” approach. Topics featured at ECR 2024 are cardiac CT and MRI, imaging stroke patients, MRI of the prostate and musculoskeletal ultrasound.
The programme will also include a radiology reporting workshop series as well as the i-Violin workshop.

ISRRT Sessions

The ‘ISRRT Meets’ session, hosted by the International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists (ISRRT), demonstrates the vital role that radiographers play in the medical imaging profession. This is accomplished through the exploration of the practice, research, and unique challenges faced by radiographers. This year’s session features experts from Australia.
The ISRRT session will deal with global education perspectives.

Joint Sessions

The Joint Sessions are an opportunity to gain a deeper insight into multidisciplinary collaboration of the ESR with a multitude of other disciplines related to the world of medical imaging. The sessions highlight collaborative efforts in regard to science and professional issues.

(Junior) Image Interpretation Quizzes

The Image Interpretation Quizzes, two traditional interactive highlights of every ECR, provide both education and entertainment. Distinguished radiologists will share their knowledge and diagnosis strategies with the audience.

New Horizons Sessions

The New Horizons sessions (NH) provide an insight into recent developments within a specific area of practice, be that innovations in technique, evolvements within a speciality, or improvements in disease treatment. Exploring these topics allows presenters to highlight advancements that may become routine in the near future, or that indicate a whole new area of research and clinical application.

Multidisciplinary Sessions

The Multidisciplinary sessions (MS) aim to promote a multidisciplinary approach to detection and treatment, integrating radiologists and other clinicians to share their expertise.

Open Forum Sessions

The Open Forum (OF) sessions are an opportunity to discuss important topics. This year’s Open Forums are dedicated to Trainees, Radiographers, and ESR activities.

Plenary Lectures

ECR 2024 will feature excellent plenary lectures, presented by Rick Abramson, Annemiek Snoeckx and Geoffrey D. Rubin.

Professional Challenges Sessions

The Professional Challenges sessions (PC) aim to provide a platform for important issues experienced by those working within the field of radiology. Subjects of current relevance, such as training, education, research, communication, and management, are presented.

Refresher Courses

The Refresher Courses (RC) are comprised of a variety of key radiological topics orchestrated by the scientific subcommittees. The aim of the sessions is not only to refresh the audience’s knowledge, but also to review, inform, and offer updates of the various fields through engaging presentations suitable for new radiologists through to experienced doctors.

Research Presentation Sessions

This year’s Research Presentation (RP) sessions will feature the best abstracts of each topic submitted for ECR 2024.

Round Table Sessions

The Round Table sessions (RT) feature a panel of experts who will engage and challenge each other in a live discussion on the most relevant topics in radiology.

Special Focus Sessions

The Special Focus sessions (SF) explore cutting edge developments within the world of clinical radiology, tackling these complex matters through in-depth analysis and debate.

State of the Art Symposia

The State of the Art symposia (SA) are an opportunity for experts in their field to educate and inform the audience on essential topics such as anatomical regions, specific diseases, or particular techniques. Presentations are backed by experience, evidence and data of the chosen subjects.

The Cube

The Cube, ECR’s popular interventional radiology event, focuses on the following four topics in an engaging and hands-on environment: peripheral, central, oncological, and neurological interventional radiology. It offers a balanced combination of short lectures from experts in the field and a large number of simulation-based activities at the popular Simulator Adventure Park, where participants get the chance to work with devices and simulators under the guidance of tutors.

Innovation in Focus Programme

Amidst the dynamic landscape of medical imaging, radiologists persist as trailblazers, sculpting the future of healthcare. But the future of this field is not always clear, and there are many discussions about the best ways to move forward as a strong and united medical discipline.

Through the Innovation in Focus programme, we will look at how radiology is currently transcending the boundaries of the present, converging innovation and discovery to reshape the landscape of patient well-being. With topics ranging from sustainability and data-management in radiology through to the use of chat bots and integrated diagnostics, Innovation in Focus will take attendees on a journey to the unexplored realms of medical imaging and beyond.

Taking place in its own unique congress area dedicated to all things future, the In Focus programme at ECR 2024 is a must-see series for all attendees who wish to understand and define the next generation in radiology.

Transatlantic Course of ESR and RSNA

The Transatlantic Course (TC) combines the resources of the ESR and RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) to present a series of sessions concentrated around a central topic. This year’s focus is on the imaging of neurodegenerative disorders.

The European Society of Radiology expresses its gratitude to all the vendors who have generously agreed to supporting the Hands-on Workshops.

We would like to note we will be utilising equipment from certain vendors during the workshop sessions; however, a wide range of alternative options from other vendors is also available.


Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

The workshop sessions are supported by GE Healthcare, Canon, and Philips, who are Kindly providing ultrasound machines to be used during the hands-on sessions.

See Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Workshops


Cardiac CT and MRI

The workshop sessions are supported by Siemens and Circle, who are kindly providing their software to be used during the hands-on sessions.

See Cardiac CT and MRI Workshops


MRI of the Prostate

The workshop sessions are supported by Siemens, who is kindly providing their software to be used during the hands-on sessions.

See MRI of the Prostate Workshops


Imaging Stroke Patients

The workshop sessions within the “Mastering stroke perfusion imaging and MR, CT and AI applications” topic are supported by Canon, who is kindly providing their software to be used during the hands-on sessions.

See Imaging Stroke Patients Workshops



The workshop sessions on “Dose management software in interventional radiology and cardiology”, and “Practical dose management in computed tomography” are supported by GE HealthCare, who is kindly providing their software. The workshop “Exploring AI-powered learning in radiology and diagnostic radiography” is kindly supported by DetectedX. The workshop session on the “Framework for Online Radiographer Clinical Education” is supported under the FORCE Project.

See EFRS Workshops