Join us at this year’s ECR Radiology Escape Room, hosted by the Young Radiologists team from the Charité in Berlin, Germany for an exciting 20-minute experience!

Being a resident, you never know what a night shift may have in store for you. While you’ve gained some experience and learned a few interventional skills since your first night shift last year, you still feel an uneasy excitement every time the phone rings with a call from the emergency department. You rush downstairs and get “locked-in” the bustle of the ED. Can you help your colleagues, make the diagnosis and save the patient before time runs out?

Take up this new challenge as a group to solve the puzzles and “escape” the emergency department in time!

Up to five participants can take part in each round, with empty seats being filled with individual players or smaller teams. The fastest teams will win exciting prizes!

Reserve your slot in advance, either directly at the Escape Room Welcome Desk or online via the booking link here. The Escape Room is located on Level 1, 1.42-1.43.