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Alexandra Borges

Lisbon / Portugal





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IPOLFG Cancer Institute Lisbon and Champalimaud Foundation

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CT Evidence-based radiology Head and neck MRI Neuro Oncologic PET Principles of imaging technology & molecular imaging Research and evidence-based medicine Ultrasound

Sessions (Moderator)

Implants in the head and neck
E³ - ECR Master Class

Implants in the head and neck

Sessions (Speaker)

RC 1508 - Skull base

RC 1508 - Skull base

Implants in the head and neck
E³ - ECR Master Class

Implants in the head and neck

Imaging of the face
Self-assesment Session

Imaging of the face

Head and Neck MR Imaging

Head and Neck MR Imaging

Around the brain lesions in neuroimaging
Refresher Courses: Neuro

Around the brain lesions in neuroimaging

Controversies and pitfalls in imaging of the head and neck
State of the Art Symposium

Controversies and pitfalls in imaging of the head and neck

Imaging of the face
E³ - Advanced Course: Interactive Teaching Sessions for Young (and not so Young) Radiologists

Imaging of the face


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